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Trainwreck is a psychedelic strain with cerebral qualities and a body high that will hit like a freight truck. Originally discovered in Northern California, this strain was crossed with Afghani, Mexican and Thai landrace strains to create this potent heavy-hitter. Upon smoking, you’ll be delighted when you feel a surge of euphoria that’ll leave a smile on your face. Trainwreck is highly cherished by stoners for its impeccable THC concentration, which is roughly 18-20% on average. As a cross between three different landrace strains, Trainwreck inherited a very unique tart lemon and pungent, pine-like notes from its parents.

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BUY TRAINS WRECK ONLINE: Hailing from North California’s renowned weed capital of the United States, the Emerald Triangle, Trainwreck is a world-famous sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is just as mighty as its name suggests. It is a combination of three different strains, two of which are Mexican and Thai sativa landraces, and the third being an Afghani indica. Undeniably a heavy-hitter, this strain is mindblowing and will hit you like a train, though its powerful punch is not the only feature that makes this strain unique. It showcases a wide range of potent qualities that are typical of both sativa and indica breeds, making it a widely sought after strain for users seeking the best of both worlds! Best marijuana online store in California, Chicago, Colorado, Arizona and even Ohio.

Effects of Train Wreck

The special thing about Trainwreck is that while it is a sativa-dominant strain, it has retained enough of its indica genes to give users a well-balanced experience of both sativa and indica effects. Typical of indica strains, it offers users a full body high, covering you in a warm, pain-numbing and fuzzy feeling, which can often lead to couchlock and a desire to fall asleep, making it ideal for those looking to alleviate insomnia, chronic pains and getting a good, relaxing rest. Like sativa strains, however, it gives an intense cerebral high of euphoria and enhances the user’s mood. While you will not have any sort of trippy outer body experience, this strain is definitely psychedelic in the sense that you’ll lose a sense of time and experience light psychoactive effects. Buy Kush Online. 


The combination of both indica and sativa effects complementing one another makes Trainwreck even more so ideal for medicinal usage as it calms both your body and mind. Many patients use it to help treat PTSD, inflammation, migraines, pain, arthritis, ADD/ADHD, joint stiffness/muscle pains, stress and depression, though paranoia and dizziness can sometimes be experienced when smoking this strain. Buy cheap weed online in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Michigan and  Tennessee.

THC Concentration

As one of the strongest and potent strains available out there with a THC content level average of 18%-25%, the sativa to indica ratio of Trainwreck is 80:20, though it is said that in a “true” form, the ratio could reach a higher imbalance of 90:10. With such a high potency and sleep-inducing effects, this strain is recommended for days off/weekends, or simply at the end of a long, busy day to help relax and unwind before your bedtime. Puff puff, goodnight, and sweet dreams!

Appearance & Aroma

There are plenty of citrus aroma strains out there like Red Lemon Congo or Lemon Kush, Trainwreck is particularly identifiable and can be distinguished from the rest. It has a citrusy aroma that grows stronger as it ripens with a tart and zesty taste of lemon-lime that is topped with a layer of menthol. This fresh combo of sweet and sour is accompanied by an herbal, spicy–almost peppery–and piney wood tones. There are plenty of THC-packed trichomes on the buds that give Trainwreck its frosty layer and lighter green shades. It also has curling, coppery-orange pistils, and is sometimes speckled with bits of light grey. Buy legal weed online in Indiana, New York, Texas, memphis, Columbus, Alaska and Phoenix.

Trainwreck Kush cannabis is a type of weed with 90 percent Sativa and 10 percent Indica. Sativa is a Mexican and Thai form of weed and Indica originates from Afghanistan. Unlike other Trainwreck strains, the Kush is of better quality with a high concentration of the Sativa, Indica or hybrid. Despite the different renowned origins of the Sativa and Indica hybrids, Kush cannabis as a species is commonly found in the Hindu Kush mountains that span across the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.BUY TRAINS WRECK ONLINE

Kush cannabis varies in relation to appearance, smell, flavor and the effects. For instance, one strain may exhibit purple leaves, bronze pistils with knotted buds and this characteristic differs across other strains. Where and how a Kush strain grows affects their unique genetic expression which in turn affects the strain’s natural attributes. Some of the common Kush strains include OG Kush (hybrid), Bubba Kush (Indica), Purple Kush (Indica), Skywalker OG (hybrid) and Master Kush (Indica) among others. Buy marijuana online with discreet packaging in Virginia, San Diego, San Jose, Nashville, Houston and Dallas.

There is still more to discover about this special type of Kush which is very effective.

The benefits that arise from all the Kush strains include happy feelings, relaxation of the body and mind, sleepiness, euphoria, high spirits/being uplifted and hunger. Nonetheless, the effects of the strains vary according to the quality and type of the strain one takes. In essence, Kush has relaxing and stimulating properties. Medically, Kush is used in treating depression, anxiety disorders, and anti-inflammatory issues for THC patients. Additionally, the Trainwreck Kush is helpful in treating ailments like migraines, muscle spasms, chronic pain and lack of appetite. The strain is often smoked but can also be taken with edibles. Despite the several benefits of this strain of weed, excessive and unregulated consumption leads to disastrous effects such as increased anxiety instead of lowered one, paranoia or even unpleasant experiences. Buy weed online with worldwide packaging in Oakland, Atlanta, Miami, St. Louis and Naperville.BUY TRAINS WRECK ONLINE


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